Emeritus Boards

Is there some use for emeritus boards? Stacey and Andy have thoughts! Also this week, a new nonprofit wonders what kind on insurance coverage they should have, we find out how to determine when a contribution should be officially received, and discuss how frequently a board chair should meet with the executive director (is quadrennially too often?) Thanks for joining us this week, and be sure to send your nonprofit questions to questions@nonprofiteverything.com!

Keeping the Newsletter out of the Spam Folder

Andy would never turn down a well-made Spam Musubi, but he and Stacey have some tough love for newsletters that are hitting the junk folder. Also this week, we field a question from a programs person who wants to go for the CEO job — is it possible or advisable? And finally, what happens when you’re a board member who’s friends with the Executive Director, and that Executive Director turns out to be not very good at her job? Stacey and Andy definitely have some thoughts! Thanks for listening, and be sure to send your questions to questions@nonprofiteverything.com!

Should the Board Chair Apply for the ED Position?

Summertime doesn’t appear to be the time for Stacey and Andy to relax. Instead, we’ve got big questions to answer! Do nonprofits make common management mistakes? Maybe – Stacey and Andy certainly have opinions. Also, would it ever be a good idea for a board strategic planning retreat to specifically exclude the executive director. More opinions there for sure. And finally, should the board strategic planning retreat specifically exclude the executive director? (Guess what our answer is… we’ll wait.)

The Board Chair Wants to be CCd on Every Email!

Should we write a MOU or a renter’s contract for use of our space? We have opinions! Also, this week Stacey has some thoughts about dealing with a board chair who wants to be CCd on all the ED’s emails, and we share some tips on starting a scholarship program.

  • Help! The board chair wants to be CCd on every email! – 0:00
  • Should we use an MOU or a renter’s contract if we’re renting space to another nonprofit? – 5:13
  • Any best practices for adding a scholarship program? – 18:49

Save the Date! The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits 2021 Conference will be held at The Center on October 14-15 in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for additional details!

Red Flags for Prospective Executive Director

This week, Stacey has some great ideas for appreciating staff! We also discuss red flags to watch out for when looking at accepting an Executive Director position, whether or not our coat drive really needs to be restricted to coats, and Andy & Stacey enthusiastically respond to, “why can’t I be both Board Chair and ED and everybody on the board is related?”

  • Idea for appreciating staff – [skipto time="0:00"]
  • Red Flags to watch out for when considering an Executive Director position – [skipto time="6:39"]
  • Our coat drive was too successful, can we unrestrict some of the donations? – [skipto time="16:34"]
  • Can I be board chair and ED and also be related to the whole board? – [skipto time="22:56"]
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That’s a Cooper’s Hawk

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Solstice and Happy New Year! Do you know what Stacey and Andy want for Christmas? More questions from listeners! This week, we make a former board chair feel terrible, help the ED of a small nonprofit get ahead of the game, and talk about whether or not a nonprofit should revise their budget in the middle of the year. Thanks for joining us in 2019, and we’re looking forward to your questions in 2020!

Galas for Salaries

Not all questions are happy ones: this week, we find out how to deal with donations when you’re closing a regional office. But on a happier note, Stacey has ideas on how to write grants that pay for salaries and Andy gives you audit prep tips. We discuss whether or not the ED and Board Chair can be the same person, as well as the technical difference between a mission and a vision.