Selling T-Shirts

This might be the most confusingly titled episode yet! No, there aren’t Nonprofit Everything t-shirts. But what happens when the marketing team decides to just open up a little shop on to sell logo branded stuff?* Stacey and Andy have some thoughts. Also this week, is it time to reevaluate our employee time-off policies? Thanks for joining us this week, and please share, review, and send us questions!

Using Donor Screening Services

It’s our 75th episode, so we’ve supersized it for you! This week, guest expert Brad Stith, Principal at Philanthropy Development Associates, joins Stacey to answer a listener question about the utility of screening existing donors for interest in an organization’s mission. We also have opinions on how an interim executive director should manage a whiny staff, and Andy and Stacey attempt to answer a question about impostor syndrome without using any irony at all.

  • How should an Interim ED manage complaining staff members? – 0:00
  • Should we screen existing donors for interest in our mission? With Guest Expert Brad Stith of Philanthropy Development Associates – 7:59
  • Tips on combatting impostor syndrome? – 28:24
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Today’s episode is sponsored by the HR Collaborative. The HR Collaborative was formed to help build nonprofit strengths through improved human resources. It provides professional development opportunities, networking and sharing of best practices on HR issues faced by nonprofit organizations. The Collaborative meets bi-monthly. Membership is free and open to anyone who works for a nonprofit and has HR responsibilities. For more information or to attend an upcoming meeting, visit their website at

A Board with a Budget Deficit

A jam-packed episode! This week we explore whether the the Executive Director should be present for the board retreat, how to manage a grumpy finance committee when the financials are never ready, and if a non-compete agreement is an appropriate tool to use to keep you development director from fleeing. Finally, should you be wary of joining the board of an organization that runs a budget deficit? Stacey and Andy have opinions!

  • Should the Executive Director attend the board retreat? – 0:00
  • Help! We can’t get the books closed before the finance committee meeting! – 9:48
  • Should we make our new Development Director sign a non-compete agreement? – 19:04
  • Should I join the board of an organization that runs a budget deficit? – 26:13
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Today’s episode is sponsored by Immunize Nevada. Arm yourself by getting your annual flu vaccine. It protects you, your family, and those working on the front lines. Do your part. Get your flu vaccine by Nevada Day. Visit for more information and to find free and low-cost clinics.

Pandemic HR Questions with Guest Expert Amy Hunter

The adjustment to our new reality continues with a conversation with Amy Hunter from The Simmons Group answering Pandemic related nonprofit HR questions.

  • Are we permitted to move salaried employees to hourly? – 3:15
  • How best do I communicate staffing changes? – 5:38
  • How do I make staffing changes without people feeling less important? – 11:42
  • Upsides and downsides of a furlough for an Executive Director? – 19:30
  • We need to do layoffs. How can I help my staff cope? – 29:30


Can you teach old volunteers new tricks (without insulting them?) Stacey knows! This week we also discuss what happens when two nonprofits are really truly in competition with each other, and hear from Guest Expert Greg Wilken about pre-employment testing for marijuana, mandatory paid time off, and whether or not you can microchip your employees!

  • Volunteer training for long time volunteers?
  • Competing nonprofits
  • New laws in Nevada for 2020
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Today’s episode is sponsored by the HR Collaborative, presenting “Mission Driven Human Resources for Nonprofits,” a 12-hour training course for HR professionals working in nonprofits. This course is presented over four months, one half-day a month, and focuses on critical people issues that will help your organization achieve success and fulfill its mission. Sessions begin on Tuesday, February 18th.