More Nonprofit Myths

What are the tax implications of a donor buying a product from us for a beneficiary? Andy’s got that one. Also, Stacey and Andy bust another round of common nonprofit myths. And finally, a doozy: Help! My organization is falling apart! (Plus, exactly zero references to Covid-19.)

  • If a donor pays for something that goes directly to a beneficiary, is that tax deductible?
  • Nonprofit 101: More nonprofit myths!
  • Help! Our organization is falling apart!
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September might be a stretch

This week, we talk about whether or not a nonprofit always needs to provide its services for free (spoiler: it doesn’t), Stacey provides some tips on how to get gifts from donor advised funds, and Andy gives an organization some bad news about their 501(c) reinstatement. Also, attorney Lyn Beggs explains a new Nevada statute about accepting donations from pharmaceutical companies.