Skilled Volunteer without the Skills

Why can’t you be the ED, Board Chair and Founder all at the same time? Doesn’t that make thing easier? For once, Stacy and Andy completely agree on an answer! We also hear from Guest Expert Stacey Muse, PhD, Executive Director of Nevada Volunteers about how to handle professional volunteers turning in less than professional work.

  • Executive Director, Board Chair and Founder, Oh My! – 0:00
  • What to do about poor quality volunteer work? With Guest Expert Stacey Muse, PhD – 4:37
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Today’s episode is sponsored by the HR Collaborative, presenting “Mission Driven Human Resources for Nonprofits,” a 12-hour training course for HR professionals working in nonprofits. This course is presented over four months, one half-day a month, and focuses on critical people issues that will help your organization achieve success and fulfill its mission. Sessions begin on Tuesday, February 18th.

Good Luck!

What should you do if a funder asks to see client records? Stacey and Andy have opinions! This week we also find out how involved a board should be in the budgeting process, how to deal with random donor requests, and talk to guest expert and seasoned board chair Tanna Prince about whether or not to fire board members for low attendance.

  • Funder wants to see client records – 0:00
  • How involved should the board be in budgeting – 5:27
  • Asking A Board Member to Resign (with Guest Expert Tanna Price) – 11:20
  • Random donor requests – 25:36