When is a Sponsorship a Donation?

Is there some magic language we can use to magically make a sponsorship tax deductible? Andy and Stacey have some thoughts. Also this week, we find out how to see who’s sharing your nonprofit mission and why its important, and try not to get buried in accounting speak when discussing split-interest agreements! Thanks for joining us, and don’t forget to send any and all questions to questions@nonprofiteverything.com.

Engaging Your Board In Fundraising

The staff *hates* the ED but the Board *loves* the ED. Is this problem solvable? Stacey and Andy have some thoughts. Also this week, what’s the best way to get your board engaged in important tasks like fundraising and strategic planning? Join us for another episode of Nonprofit Everything, and be sure to send us your questions!

Restricted Gifts and Mergers

What happens to restrictions if our nonprofit is acquired by another nonprofit? We have some questions (and answers!) Plus, Stacey and Andy have tips for hiring for an Interim Executive Director, chat about some unconventional reporting structures, and get asked a very personal question. And we had to use the bleep button again this week — pretty soon we’re going to need a swear jar.

Who to Thank for an IRA Donation?

Who should we thank if we get a donation from a retirement account but don’t know who the actual donor is? We have a few ideas. Also, this week Andy and Stacey combine a couple of Form 990 filing questions into one mega-question. Finally, we tackle the question on everyone’s mind: employee or independent contractor? And don’t forget to send us your questions!

  • How do we thank a donor behind an IRA distribution gift? – 0:00
  • So, we really have to e-file our 990? How? – 6:54
  • Help! Our treasurer hasn’t filed our 990s in years! – 13:45
  • Can an Executive Director be an Independent Contractor? – 21:10

All Finance Questions Special

If you always skip the finance and accounting questions, maybe take a couple of weeks off! This week, Stacey talks with guest expert Jessica Sayles, CPA, Managing Principal at HRC about reporting in-kind donations on the Form 990, and Andy is of the shocking opinion that the internet is not a good place to learn nonprofit accounting. Finally, we reach all the way back to Episode 13 to answer a question about projecting cash flow.

  • What are some good resources for an ED to learn basic nonprofit finance?
  • Do we report in-kind services on the Form 990? With guest expert Jessica Sayles of HRC
  • (Re-broadcast) How do you do a cash flow forecast?

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Preparing Your Form 990 for Use as a Marketing Tool

It’s an overstuffed episode! This week, Andy has some thoughts on investing a surplus, Stacey counsels resolve in the face of a morale committee, and they both agree that tracking in-kind donations is worth the trouble. Plus, can the Form 990 really be a fundraiser’s secret weapon?

  • Do I really have to participate in events organized by the morale committee? – 0:00
  • Should we be tracking in-kind donations? – 7:58
  • Is the Form 990 really a marketing tool? – 15:50
  • How do we go about investing our surplus? – 21:38

Save the Date! The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits 2021 Conference will be held at The Center on October 14-15 in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for additional details!

The Return on Investment Grant Question

Will donors care if your Form 990 is late? We have opinions! Stacey has ideas about what to do if you have employees that don’t want to return to the office, and we have a few thoughts on what to do if a grantor says you didn’t make the cut because you “didn’t show sufficient return on investment.” Huh?

  • How late is too late for a 990? – 0:00
  • Grantor is concerned about return on investment – 6:14
  • Should I make employees come into the office? 14:58
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