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Converting from All Volunteer Run

If you’ve spent years proudly telling donors that you’re all volunteer run, is it even possible to hire paid staff when you need to level up? Stacey and Andy have some thoughts. Also this week, we talk about the possibility and consequences of failing the Form 990’s “Public Support Test,” and Stacey shares some ideas to help celebrate an organization’s tenth anniversary (while Andy wisely stays silent). Thanks for being a loyal listener/nonprofit rockstar, and keep those questions and comments coming. Next week the theme is “things I wish my board would ask me” so warm up your typing fingers and send us stuff at

Politics and Nonprofits

Politics and Nonprofits

This week Stacey and Andy delve into the Nonprofit Everything archive to bring you a thematically consistent series of previously aired questions. Which is a fancy way of saying “Hey! It’s a clip show!” From episode 79, we talk about how to handle a board member that’s publicly off mission. From episode 103, we hear from a nonprofit with a board member in the newspaper for the wrong reasons. From episode 89, a board member asks the ED to record a campaign ad for her. Thanks for joining us this week, and please send your questions to

Political Candidates and Events – with Guest Expert April Mastroluca

It’s guest expert time! This week, Stacey is joined by April Mastroluca, Chief Solution Finder at Synergy Nonprofit Consulting to talk about the convergence of political campaign season and gala event season. Are there rules about ads in programs? Should we recognize elected officials and candidates who attend our events? What should we do if a candidate antagonistic to our mission wants to attend an event? Should we ever provide complimentary tickets to elected officials? That’s a lot of questions, but the podcast is even better when you send yours to us: Thanks for listening! (And don’t miss the show notes this week. They’re jam packed with good infromation!)

Buying Mailing Lists

Should we be buying mailing lists to expand our reach, or is that a tactic from the olden days? Stacey and Andy certainly have some thoughts! Also this week, we talk about how strict to be when using the words “evidence based program” (in that exact order) and disagree strongly on the utility of exit interviews. We’re awarding ten points if you can guess which one of us thinks they’re a waste of time. We’re thankful that you’ve chosen to spend time with us today, and don’t forget to send your questions to

Can the Executive Director Veto a Board Nomination?

If better boards can prevent nonprofit failures, would it be smart to require boards to take governance training? Stacey and Andy have some thoughts. Also this week, we talk about an executive director’s responsibility to prevent a bad board member nomination, and have both a short and a long answer to a question about founders. Thanks for joining us this week, and don’t forget to send your questions to

When is a Sponsorship a Donation?

Is there some magic language we can use to magically make a sponsorship tax deductible? Andy and Stacey have some thoughts. Also this week, we find out how to see who’s sharing your nonprofit mission and why its important, and try not to get buried in accounting speak when discussing split-interest agreements! Thanks for joining us, and don’t forget to send any and all questions to

Emeritus Boards

Is there some use for emeritus boards? Stacey and Andy have thoughts! Also this week, a new nonprofit wonders what kind on insurance coverage they should have, we find out how to determine when a contribution should be officially received, and discuss how frequently a board chair should meet with the executive director (is quadrennially too often?) Thanks for joining us this week, and be sure to send your nonprofit questions to!

Boring Meetings

Are your staff meetings snoozers? One of our listeners has this challenge and Stacey and Andy are here to help! (Can we make them more dangerous — like with fire?) Also this week, we discuss the historical antecedents of hierarchical organizational charts, and chat about the pros and cons of giving refunds for program events. Do you have questions? Send them to us at

Cancel our Capital Campaign?

When a long-time donor changes priorities and it puts the capital campaign in jeopardy is there anything you can do? Stacey and Andy have some ideas. Also this week, what’s the best way to deal with some good old-fashioned nonprofit competition (other than a dance-off?) And finally, are we going to hurt the executive director’s feelings if we let him know that some volunteers have scored him poorly on his review? Join us this week and find out! As always, questions are welcome — the more complicated the better!

Theory of Change

It’s homework help time with Stacey and Andy! Is there a good definition of Theory of Change? We have some thoughts. Also this week, we talk about auditors that seem to be asking weird questions. Is it okay to push back on financial audit requests, or is that a terrible idea. Thanks for joining us, and don’t forget to send in those questions!