When the Passion is Gone

What do you tell your donors when you miss your Giving Tuesday goal? Stacey knows! This week we also talk about what to do when the passion for your cause is gone, where to find a whistleblower policy template (the ANN website, for one), and whether you should budget for break-even or a surplus. And Andy and Stacey are completely mystified by a board member who wants to upend the mission because it’s “just a band-aid”.

  • Missing a Giving Tuesday goal – 1:05
  • When the passion for your cause is gone – 4:03
  • Changing the mission to address the “root cause” – 11:04
  • Whistleblower policy template – 17:27
  • Should the budget break-even or show a surplus? – 22:07

Mentioned this week:

The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits
Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action
Whistleblower Policy example
National Council of Nonprofits (Whistleblower protections)

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