Should I Get an Advanced Degree in Nonprofit Management?

It’s a four-question episode! This week, Andy shares the secret to developing an good nonprofit investment policy, and Stacey has some thoughts on how to keep a partnership from going wrong. Also, we talk about how to get verbal messages to stick with donors, and tackle one potentially expensive question: Is it worth it to get a graduate degree in nonprofit management? (And before you listen to the episode, try to guess what Andy and Stacey will say…) Thanks for joining us!

  • How do you develop an investment policy for a small nonprofit with some extra cash? – 0:05
  • Should I get an Advanced Degree in Nonprofit Management? 9:25
  • Help! How do we survive a nonprofit partnership gone wrong? 19:22
  • How do we get our verbal messages to stick with donors? 28:16
Mentioned this week:

Fiduciary Best Practices Toolkit – Vanguard
Collaborative Agreement Framework – OTF
Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die
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