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This week Stacey and Andy delve into the Nonprofit Everything archive to bring you a thematically consistent series of previously aired questions. Which is a fancy way of saying “Hey! It’s a clip show!” From episode 79, we talk about how to handle a board member that’s publicly off mission. From episode 103, we hear from a nonprofit with a board member in the newspaper for the wrong reasons. From episode 89, a board member asks the ED to record a campaign ad for her. Thanks for joining us this week, and please send your questions to questions@nonprofiteverything.com.

  • Should an ED record a campaign ad for a board member running for office? – 2:33
  • One of our board members was involved in a scandal. Should we have said something? – 8:29
  • Help! One of our board members is Tweeting racist nonsense! – 16:39
Mentioned this week:

Clip Show
The 501(h) Election (IRS)
Benefits of the 501(h) Election
Rules about lobbying activity (IRS)
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