Can you teach old volunteers new tricks (without insulting them?) Stacey knows! This week we also discuss what happens when two nonprofits are really truly in competition with each other, and hear from Guest Expert Greg Wilken about pre-employment testing for marijuana, mandatory paid time off, and whether or not you can microchip your employees!

  • Volunteer training for long time volunteers? – 0:00
  • Competing nonprofits – 4:58
  • New laws in Nevada for 2020 – 14:48
Episode Sponsor:

Today’s episode is sponsored by the HR Collaborative, presenting “Mission Driven Human Resources for Nonprofits,” a 12-hour training course for HR professionals working in nonprofits. This course is presented over four months, one half-day a month, and focuses on critical people issues that will help your organization achieve success and fulfill its mission. Sessions begin on Tuesday, February 18th.

Mentioned this week:

The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits
The HR Collaborative
Endunamo Consulting
Greg Wilken
AB132 – Pre-employment Drug Testing Law
SB312 – Paid Time Off Law
AB226 – The Microchip Law
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