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If you always skip the finance and accounting questions, maybe take a couple of weeks off! This week, Stacey talks with guest expert Jessica Sayles, CPA, Managing Principal at HRC about reporting in-kind donations on the Form 990, and Andy is of the shocking opinion that the internet is not a good place to learn nonprofit accounting. Finally, we reach all the way back to Episode 13 to answer a question about projecting cash flow.

  • What are some good resources for an ED to learn basic nonprofit finance? – 0:00
  • Do we report in-kind services on the Form 990? With guest expert Jessica Sayles of HRC – 5:27
  • (Re-broadcast) How do you do a cash flow forecast? – 18:05

Save the Date! The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits 2021 Conference will be held at The Center on October 14-15 in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for additional details!

Mentioned this week:

Andy’s Nonprofit Finance Book Recommendation #1
Andy’s Nonprofit Finance Recommendation #2
Andy’s Nonprofit Finance (Advanced) Recommendation
HRC, Certified Public Accountants
The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits

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