Are Ratings Agencies Important?

Is there really a difference between getting five stars and four stars with a ratings agency? We have opinions! Also, this week Andy has some thoughts on how to manage a check approval process in a tiny organization, and Stacey knows what to do when people keep connecting you to other people via email.

  • How do I best follow up when being connected to someone else via email? – 0:00
  • What check approval process should we use for a tiny organization (that doesn’t include the board)? – 3:33
  • How important are the ratings agencies? Is there really a difference between four and five stars? – 12:41

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National Office is Reducing Compensation -updated

Is there any benefit to Guidestar Platinum? We have opinions. Stacey has some thoughts on compensation directives from a national office, and we figure out what to do if a founder wants to retire to a lesser job in the organization.

  • Is Guidestar Platinum worth it? – 0:00
  • What can we do if the National Office is reducing compensation? – 7:04
  • Should we let the Founder retire to a lesser job in the organization? – 16:32
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