Who to Thank for an IRA Donation?

Who should we thank if we get a donation from a retirement account but don’t know who the actual donor is? We have a few ideas. Also, this week Andy and Stacey combine a couple of Form 990 filing questions into one mega-question. Finally, we tackle the question on everyone’s mind: employee or independent contractor? And don’t forget to send us your questions!

  • How do we thank a donor behind an IRA distribution gift? – 0:00
  • So, we really have to e-file our 990? How? – 6:54
  • Help! Our treasurer hasn’t filed our 990s in years! – 13:45
  • Can an Executive Director be an Independent Contractor? – 21:10
Mentioned this week:

Employment Relationship under FLSA (dol.gov)
Tax Year 2020 E-File Providers (irs.gov)
National Council of Nonprofits list of checklists
The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits

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