Hosting a Fundraiser in a Different State

You think your nonprofit is a mess? Wait until you hear this question — while it masquerades as a technical query about verbal resignations and bylaws, it gets weird fast! Also this week, Stacey and Andy share some thoughts about fundraising in a different state than the one you’re incorporated in, and we find out whether or not you are allowed to raise money before you actually get your determination letter back from the IRS.

  • Can we do a fundraising event in a different state? – 0:00
  • Is a verbal resignation for a board chair enough? – 7:28
  • Can we fundraise if we don’t have our determination letter back from the IRS? – 25:04
Mentioned this week:

Multi-State Charitable Solicitation Filing

Note from Andy on the above link: “This looks like it’s outdated. We’ve reached out to them to see if they plan on updating it and will report back what we hear. In the meantime, the best current source of the state charitable registration requirements is probably the PDF available on the link below.”

Updated State Charity Registration Provisions Survey for 2021

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