Theory of Change

It’s homework help time with Stacey and Andy! Is there a good definition of Theory of Change? We have some thoughts. Also this week, we talk about auditors that seem to be asking weird questions. Is it okay to push back on financial audit requests, or is that a terrible idea. Thanks for joining us, and don’t forget to send in those questions!

Selling T-Shirts

This might be the most confusingly titled episode yet! No, there aren’t Nonprofit Everything t-shirts. But what happens when the marketing team decides to just open up a little shop on to sell logo branded stuff?* Stacey and Andy have some thoughts. Also this week, is it time to reevaluate our employee time-off policies? Thanks for joining us this week, and please share, review, and send us questions!

Gathering Client Stories

Is there a thoughtful and ethical way to use client stories in grantwriting? Stacey and Andy have a few thoughts. Also this week, we talk about ways to get past the gatekeeper when a job posting has unreasonable requirements. Keep sending those questions and posting those reviews. We really appreciate it (and read every single one!)

Do we need a “one-pager”?

What should you do when the executive director assigns you a vague task with no clear purpose? Unsurprisingly, Stacey and Andy get philosophical on this one: is it busywork, or could it be a career-defining moment? Also this week, we find out if it’s useful to chase after board members from a particular industry. Thanks for joining us again in 2024, and please keep sending those questions (and reviews are nice, too)!

A Better Holiday Party?

Have you just suffered through another boring, uninspiring office holiday party? Well your fellow listeners have a question crafted just for you: Is there a way to make the nonprofit holiday party into something good? Stacey and Andy have some thoughts! Also this week, Stacey answers a question about rules we should be following about board quorum (it’s not as boring as it sounds!) and we find out about all different kinds of financial audits. Thinking of getting us a present? Andy and Stacey asked Santa for questions, reviews and shares. See you in 2024!

Nonprofit Everything - Episode 144 - Who Gets the Credit Card Points?

Who Gets the Credit Card Points?

It’s podcast day! Why on earth would an organization use the longer, more expensive, more complicated, more time consuming Form 1023 to form a new nonprofit organization when the 1023-EZ is available? We have a few thoughts. Also this week, Stacey has some great tips to help you fundraise for a vehicle, and Andy wants you to re-think credit cards that earn points (probably a hard sell.) Thanks for joining us, and don’t forget to rate the podcast on your provider of choice and send us questions to!

Build a Relationship or Ask For Money?

This week we’ve got a new and exciting format for you! Stacey and Andy camped out at a table at the Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits Fall Conference, and used the opportunity to chat with some up-and-coming nonprofit leaders. Join us for a free-flowing conversation (and a few questions, too!)

Does a “Donate Now” Button Trigger State Registrations?

If you have a “Donate Now” button on your website (and since the internet is available everywhere) do you need to do a charitable solicitation registration in every single state in the US? Stacey and Andy have the answer (sorta!) Also this week, Stacey has some opinions about whether or not you should allow board members to take a leave of absence, Andy talks about just how fancy video screens should be in order to prevent triggering angst among your more ascetic staff members, and we answer a perennial favorite: “How do I start a foundation?”

Taking Out a Loan for Fundraising

Is it a good idea to take out a loan to help kickstart a fundraising program? Stacey and Andy have some thoughts! Also this week, we talk about finding a bank that understands how nonprofit organizations work, and what to do if you discover that your organization’s bylaws don’t actually comply with state law. While you’re reading this summary, maybe consider giving us a review to help spread the word (links in the show notes), or even sending a question to!