September might be a stretch

This week, we talk about whether or not a nonprofit always needs to provide its services for free (spoiler: it doesn’t), Stacey provides some tips on how to get gifts from donor advised funds, and Andy gives an organization some bad news about their 501(c) reinstatement. Also, attorney Lyn Beggs explains a new Nevada statute about accepting donations from pharmaceutical companies.

  • Fee for service – 1:06
  • Reinstating a 501(c)3 – 4:34
  • Getting money from donor advised funds – 7:57
  • Nevada Pharmaceutical Company Donation Statutes (with Lyn Beggs) – 17:35
Mentioned this week:

The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits
Reinstatement of Tax Exempt Status (
Law Offices of Lyn Beggs
Nevada Drug Transparency Nonprofit Information

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