Should Staff Have a Voice in Hiring the New Executive Director?

Doesn’t it seem weird that the people most affected by a change in leadership are the ones with no say in the matter? Stacey and Andy seem to think so. Also this week, Stacey has some ideas about how to use storytelling in your appeals when you’re too new to have actual stories. Finally, Andy gets completely triggered by what could have been a simple math question, but instead turns into a history lesson about internal controls. (It’s better than it sounds.) Join us!


If your nonprofit has an origin story should you share it? Stacey knows! What’s the best way to manage a layoff, and for that matter, are layoffs the solution to pandemic-related cash flow issues? We have (strong) opinions!

  • Should we use our origin story? – 0:00
  • What’s the best way to manage a layoff? – 7:51
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