Preparing Your Form 990 for Use as a Marketing Tool

It’s an overstuffed episode! This week, Andy has some thoughts on investing a surplus, Stacey counsels resolve in the face of a morale committee, and they both agree that tracking in-kind donations is worth the trouble. Plus, can the Form 990 really be a fundraiser’s secret weapon?

  • Do I really have to participate in events organized by the morale committee? – 0:00
  • Should we be tracking in-kind donations? – 7:58
  • Is the Form 990 really a marketing tool? – 15:50
  • How do we go about investing our surplus? – 21:38

Save the Date! The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits 2021 Conference will be held at The Center on October 14-15 in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for additional details!

Put a Label Over It

This week is jam packed! How do you find companies who match their employee’s gifts? Andy shares a secret! We get advice on how to respond to another organization that really loved your event and wants to copy it, whether or not you should change your nonprofit’s name, and whether or not you can invest your reserve fund. Also, Stacey has tips on what to do if you keep losing new board members, and we find out who exactly can approve a financial report.

  • Who matches gifts?
  • Someone wants to copy our event!
  • Should we change our name?
  • Can we invest our reserve fund?
  • We keep losing new board members!
  • Who can approve the financial report?
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