Red Flags for Prospective Executive Director

This week, Stacey has some great ideas for appreciating staff! We also discuss red flags to watch out for when looking at accepting an Executive Director position, whether or not our coat drive really needs to be restricted to coats, and Andy & Stacey enthusiastically respond to, “why can’t I be both Board Chair and ED and everybody on the board is related?”

  • Idea for appreciating staff – [skipto time="0:00"]
  • Red Flags to watch out for when considering an Executive Director position – [skipto time="6:39"]
  • Our coat drive was too successful, can we unrestrict some of the donations? – [skipto time="16:34"]
  • Can I be board chair and ED and also be related to the whole board? – [skipto time="22:56"]
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Criminal for a Day

This week, Stacey crushes the dreams of a board member hoping to avoid a volunteer assignment, we find out what due diligence an org should do before hiring an executive director, and some strategies to prevent burnout from psychically heavy work. Andy gives Stacey tips on how to steal money, and we discuss the ever-confusing Vice President position on the board.

  • Can a board member be a volunteer? – 0:00
  • Avoiding burnout from psychically demanding jobs – 2:48
  • Due diligence when hiring an Executive Director – 9:22
  • Preventing fraud – 17:14
  • Do we need a Vice President position? – 24:37