Shift to a Fee for Service Model

It’s a super-sized New Year’s episode this week! This week we find out whether a nonprofit needs to file tax returns in every state. Stacey and Andy weigh shifting to a fee-for-service model. And finally: Help! The ED edits all my work!

  • Do we need to file tax returns in every state? – 0:00
  • Should we shift to a fee-for-service model? – 9:31
  • Help! My ED edits all my work (badly)! – 21:28
Episode Sponsor:

Today’s episode is sponsored by the HR Collaborative. The HR Collaborative was formed to help build nonprofit strengths through improved human resources. It provides professional development opportunities, networking and sharing of best practices on HR issues faced by nonprofit organizations. The Collaborative meets bi-monthly. Membership is free and open to anyone who works for a nonprofit and has HR responsibilities. For more information or to attend an upcoming meeting, visit their website at

Mentioned this week:

The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits
State Registration Information – National Council of Nonprofits
National Association of State Charity Officials – Resource Page
“Charleston Principles” – PDF

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