Responding to a Board Member’s Scandal

One of our board members and prominent donors was involved in a newsworthy scandal and our organization remained quiet. Should we have said something? Stacey and Andy have thoughts! Also this week, we talk about how an executive director should handle a micro-managing founder, and answer an oddly specific question about stacking up consulting engagements. By the way, thanks for listening! We look forward to getting your questions, and would love for you to join us on Discord (see the link in the show notes, or on!

  • Should a consultant report to the board or to the executive director? – 0:00
  • One of our board members was involved in a scandal. Should we have said something? – 6:44
  • As an executive director, how do I keep the founder from micro-managing me? – 18:21
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1 thought on “Responding to a Board Member’s Scandal

  1. jhonson Reply

    Addressing a board member’s scandal within the scope of their responsibilities requires a judicious balance between accountability and maintaining the organization’s integrity. In navigating such challenges, it’s crucial for the board to prioritize transparency, conduct a thorough investigation, and take appropriate actions to uphold ethical standards. The response should reflect a commitment to the organization’s values while demonstrating accountability and a dedication to rectifying any breaches. Managing such situations within the board’s scope reinforces the importance of ethical conduct and ensures the continued trust and confidence of stakeholders in the organization’s leadership

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