Political Candidates and Events – with Guest Expert April Mastroluca

It’s guest expert time! This week, Stacey is joined by April Mastroluca, Chief Solution Finder at Synergy Nonprofit Consulting to talk about the convergence of political campaign season and gala event season. Are there rules about ads in programs? Should we recognize elected officials and candidates who attend our events? What should we do if a candidate antagonistic to our mission wants to attend an event? Should we ever provide complimentary tickets to elected officials? That’s a lot of questions, but the podcast is even better when you send yours to us: questions@nonprofiteverything.com. Thanks for listening! (And don’t miss the show notes this week. They’re jam packed with good infromation!)

  • Can we sell program ads to politicians? – skip to this question
  • Recognizing political figures at events? – skip to this question
  • Should you comp event tickets to politicians? – skip to this question
Mentioned this week:

Synergy Nonprofit Consulting Advocacy Resources
IRS rules about inviting a political candidate to speak at an organization event
Alliance for Justice information about lobbying and gift rules for every state
Practical Guidance: What Nonprofits Need to Know About Lobbying in Nevada
Election Dos and Don’ts for Nonprofit 501c3 Organizations
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