Marketing vs. Development – FIGHT!

You’ve discovered the premiere episode of Nonprofit Everything, a podcast about everything nonprofit, presented by the Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits. Join us as we begin our journey answering a handful of questions every couple of weeks, roping in experts whenever we don’t know the answer. For this very special first episode, your co-hosts Stacey Wedding and Andy Schuricht tackle four questions about advisory boards, the never-ending war between marketing and fundraising, the connotations of the word “foundation”, and some nonprofit career advice!

In this episode, we find out how to determine the appropriate size of a board of directors, why “advisory board” makes both Andy and Stacey grumpy, and how to create a cohesive marketing/fundraising team.

And Stacey gives some really good advice about why you shouldn’t change your nonprofit’s name to include the word “foundation.”

We also give a young nonprofit executive some career advice and salary negotiation tips!

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