Let’s Call Everybody “Volunteer”

What happens when you just need $75,000 more? Stacey knows. Returning genius and HR expert Mary Beth Hartleb tells us whether there’s such a thing as a verbal resignation, and we answer the age-old question, “Do we need an Executive Director or a CEO?”

  • Help! We’re $75,000 short! 0:00
  • Is there such a thing as a “verbal resignation?” With Mary Beth Hartleb from Prism GMG – 8:18
  • Should our top executive be an Executive Director or CEO? – 26:03
Episode Sponsor:

Today’s episode is sponsored by Brenda J. Stout, CPA, a full-service accounting firm specializing in Nonprofit Tax Compliance and IRS Problem Resolution.

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Prism GMG
The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits
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2 thoughts on “Let’s Call Everybody “Volunteer”

  1. Lori Head Reply

    Hi! LOVE the podcast.

    I think you forgot to “edit out” the technical difficulty at 17:46 (at least on Google Play). 🙂

    • Nonprofit Everything Reply

      Thanks! Apparently we needed to do something different to let Google know not to use the original cached version. Hopefully that fixes it (and now you know why Andy won’t let us do a blooper reel.)

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