Drunk at the Gala

This week, we find out if you can send a donor to collection for failing to honor a pledge, and Stacey has some great advice about attending a donor’s funeral. We also attempt to clear up the confusion between Trustees and Directors, and tap guest expert Karen Durkin, Executive Coach at Houldsworth, Russo & Company to answer a really hard question about how to keep staff from freaking out after an executive gets the axe.

  • Enforceable Pledges – 2:05
  • Attending a Donor’s Funeral – 9:32
  • Trustees vs. Directors – 11:31
  • Handling a High-Profile Firing/Departure, with Karen Durkin – 18:21
Mentioned this week:

April 4th Webinar – Navigating the Relationship between CEO and Development Officer
NRS Chapter 82 – Nonprofit Corporations
Houldsworth, Russo & Company
Karen Durkin
The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits

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