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“The best laid plans of mice…” and all that.

Today’s episode isn’t ready yet. But since we already have more than 100, maybe check out one you haven’t listened to before?

The ones with guest experts are our favorites:

Lobbying and Advocacy, with April Mastroluca
How to Start a Nonprofit, with Bob Cushman
Pandemic HR Questions, with Amy Hunter
Equipment Policies and Data Security with Amy Sample Ward
Should we be applying for Federal grants, with Miles Dickson
Using donor screening services, with Brad Stith
Valuing Event Sponsorships, with Jessica Sayles
Donor dominance, with Clay Buck
ED and Board Member relationships, with Greg Wilken

Check them out! And we’ll be back shortly with something we think you’ll like. 🙂

New episode coming soon!

This episode is taking a little more time than usual, so it won’t be arriving in our normal Wednesday AM spot. Keep your fingers crossed for us, and if we’re lucky it should arrive on Friday. Thanks for your patience.

In the meantime, maybe think up a question or two for us?


-Andy & Stacey

So close!

Our next episode is so feature packed that it’s taking a little extra time to get it posted. (Also, Giving Tuesday…) Stay tuned!

Stay tuned…

We’re planning something special for the next episode, which means it’s not quite ready yet. Stick with us and it should appear later this week.

In the meantime (since you’re here), submit a question! Here’s a sample: “I just read something about nonprofits now needing to publish donor lists. What is that and does it apply to us?”