100% Conflict of Interest

In this jam-packed episode, we find out whether or not you can switch your nonprofit from a 501(c)4 to a 501(c)3, what constitutes a good conflict of interest policy, and if you can reimburse your board members for expenses. We check in with social media expert Heather Curry Frommer, who gives us tips on what channels to use for new donors, and are absolutely shocked to discover that both Stacey and Andy have totally different issues with time management.

  • Switch from a 501(c)4 to a 501(c)3 – 0:00
  • A good conflict of interest policy – 3:40
  • Reimbursing board members for expenses – 10:58
  • Social Media channels for new donors with Heather Curry Frommer- 13:28
  • Managing a never-ending to do list – 18:44
Mentioned this week:

Blue Avocado on Conflict of Interest Policies
Heather Curry Frommer
Kelly Travis
The Responsibility Virus by Roger L. Martin
The Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits

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