Run for the Hills!

Do nonprofits need to comply with open meetings law? Find out this week! Stacey and Andy have differing opinions on job hopping, we learn the difference between overhead and operating costs, and Stacey talks about some cool RFP coordination among funders.

  • Open Meetings Law
  • Job Hopping (for a good reason)
  • Overhead vs. Operating Cost
  • RFP Coordination Among Funders
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Today’s episode is sponsored by Brenda J. Stout, CPA, a full-service accounting firm specializing in Nonprofit Tax Compliance and IRS Problem Resolution.

How to Auction a Horse

This week, we’re tackling the most frequently asked nonprofit questions, like the old familiar one, “how do you auction a horse?” We find out whether or not you need to file a form 990 if you have no assets or revenue, whether it’s kosher for nonprofits to pay bonuses, and how to deal with the worst possible silent auction donation items. Stacey and Andy dispense even more career advice (this is starting to become a theme), and answer the age old question, “if a tree falls in the forest, will the IRS hear it.”