When is a Sponsorship a Donation?

Is there some magic language we can use to magically make a sponsorship tax deductible? Andy and Stacey have some thoughts. Also this week, we find out how to see who’s sharing your nonprofit mission and why its important, and try not to get buried in accounting speak when discussing split-interest agreements! Thanks for joining us, and don’t forget to send any and all questions to questions@nonprofiteverything.com.

Are Ratings Agencies Important?

Is there really a difference between getting five stars and four stars with a ratings agency? We have opinions! Also, this week Andy has some thoughts on how to manage a check approval process in a tiny organization, and Stacey knows what to do when people keep connecting you to other people via email.

  • How do I best follow up when being connected to someone else via email? – 0:00
  • What check approval process should we use for a tiny organization (that doesn’t include the board)? – 3:33
  • How important are the ratings agencies? Is there really a difference between four and five stars? – 12:41

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National Office is Reducing Compensation -updated

Is there any benefit to Guidestar Platinum? We have opinions. Stacey has some thoughts on compensation directives from a national office, and we figure out what to do if a founder wants to retire to a lesser job in the organization.

  • Is Guidestar Platinum worth it? – 0:00
  • What can we do if the National Office is reducing compensation? – 7:04
  • Should we let the Founder retire to a lesser job in the organization? – 16:32
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