Should we have elected officials on our board?

Help! We’ve entered into an agreement with a benefit corporation, and they’re not playing nice! Andy’s got some ideas for that. Also, Stacey answers a question about having elected officials on the board, and we talk about the best ways to bring a new treasurer into the organization, even if they’ve got no nonprofit experience.

If this is an emergency, call 911

This week Stacey and Andy discuss whether a board members need organizational email addresses and we talk about what to do when your board treasurer resigns. Finally, Stacey asks guest expert Jessica Sayles from Houldsworth Russo how to value a sponsor’s banner at an event (as well as several other accounting questions that have been disturbing her sleep!)

  • Should our Board Members have organizational email addresses? [skipto time="0:00"]
  • How do we value a sponsor’s banner at an event? With Jessica Sayles from Houldsworth Russo – [skipto time="7:12"]
  • Help! Our treasurer resigned! – [skipto time="25:10"]
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