Setting Goals for a New Development Person

Ah, the age-old question — how do we set development goals when we’ve never had a development person before? Believe it or not, Stacey and Andy have some ideas! Also this week, we talk about how to handle naming rights when you’re renovating a building that already has a name. Finally, we tackle a particularly sensitive question that, frankly, is going to be a little uncomfortable for everybody. Sounds fun, right?

Designing a Mission Statement

Our mission statement process is awful! Should we get help? (Nah, Stacey has some tips.) Also, this week we discuss whether a give/get policy will prevent you from getting an effective board, and Andy and Stacey go way off topic answering how to best fundraise for a new Executive Director position.

Is it Legal to have a Single-Ethnicity Board?

Just two questions this week, but one of them’s juicy. Guess which one: Should we pay a professional auctioneer for our silent auction? or Is it legal to have a single-ethnicity board? As always, Stacey and Andy have opinions!

  • Should we hire a professional auctioneer for our live auction? – 0:00
  • Is it legal for a nonprofit to have a single-ethnicity board? – 8:20
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